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The hours and expenses to create these videos add up very quickly. If you have found these videos helpful, please consider making a donation today. Whether $5 or $20 dollars, every penny helps. Don't wait - make a small donation today. I am told you will feel better!

NEW - People who make a donation to can download compressed/archived files that combine all the videos in one series into a single file. This will allow you to watch the videos without delays or even without Internet access. The files are compressed/archived in "ZIP" format.

If donating using the button below (Step #1), PayPal will guide you through the process. When completed, press the button "Return to" This will provide you instantly with a username and password along with instructions on how to download the videos to your computer. If you forget to press this button, simply send an e-mail message to, and I will e-mail you your password and username along with instructions. If using the fill out form below (Step #2), you will be provided your password and username along with instructions when I receive your donation.

In addition to purchasing new hardware and the latest software, our Internet service provider charges us for the bandwidth that is downloaded each month. (Currently we pay $10 for every 1,000 GB of data transfer.) The training videos at average 2.5 megabytes per minute. The Adobe Photoshop CS3 series only is over 250 megabytes. The bandwidth adds up quickly!
Other websites sell similar training videos for hundreds of dollars. But thanks to your support, everything at is FREE.

Below are two ways you can help.
1. Donate securely on-line.
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